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Menopause – Easing the Transition

‘Did you experience anything during treatment?’ I asked as I gently removed the fine acupuncture needles from her body. ‘Yes, she said’, her eyes beaming. ‘It was quite amazing. As soon as you finished inserting the needles I felt a cool flush ascend from my feet all the way to the top of my head and then just a deep sense of relaxation’. A week later she came back for her next treatment. Her hot flushes and sweats had abated for three days following acupuncture which she thought was miraculous but was then disappointed that they had then returned with the same intensity. However, two more treatments on she reported that the symptoms had stopped completely and they did not return.

Menopause itself is not a disease. It is a normal physiological change, nature’s way of slowing down the aging process in women past child-bearing age. Unfortunately, many women do not traverse this cusp quickly and smoothly. When that happens they may experience any of a number of signs and symptoms such as: hot flushes, night sweats, menstrual irregularity, fatigue, depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, vaginal dryness or osteoporosis.

According to Chinese medical theory, menopause occurs when, because of the natural aging process, a woman’s body no longer produces sufficient blood to sustain a monthly period without this blood loss being draining on her body and particularly her kidneys, the organ Chinese medicine sees as the root of life and longevity. Therefore, the body in its wisdom reverses the flow of a channel in the centre of the body which sends blood down to the uterus from the heart. Rather, blood and essence from the kidneys are sent up to the heart to nourish the woman’s spirit. Thus, in Chinese medicine, menopause is seen as a true change in life from mother of biological children to mother of the community. This is why, in traditional cultures, post-menopausal women are regarded as wise women, since their heart spirit is now nourished and enlightened in a way that it was not before.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 2000 year old, professional medical system, and gynaecology is one of its specialities. Within Chinese gynaecology, menopausal syndrome is a recognised and treatable condition. In fact, it is one of the conditions that is most easily and satisfactorily treated by Chinese medicine (as long as menopause is natural and not surgical). Chinese medical practitioners may use acupuncture or herbal medicine or a combination of both to treat menopausal symptoms, aiming to restore balance to the women’s entire organism. So why not consider this natural, safe and effective approach before resorting to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or other high-tech therapies? You may be amazed.

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